The Total Faith Story

Total Faith® is the leading Christian apparel store, specializing in custom faith-based designs of Christian T-shirts, gifts, jewelry, and more. It's our mission to inspire millions to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through our products.  

We're on a mission to make the name of Jesus great in the world. It is said that t-shirts and apparel will allow up to 3,000+ to see the message that it carries. As believers we want to carry the message of Jesus Christ everywhere we go with style and class.

Here at Total Faith, we aim to do that because our faith will never waiver in the God of the bible! We want those that haven't been exposed to the Gospel to experience the life-changing and saving love and grace that we experienced when we encountered a relationship with God.

Help us spread the good news of Jesus by becoming a raving fan of Total Faith! Remember without faith it's impossible to please God!